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Counselling: Welcome
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Hello – I am Nikki and I am a fully qualified and insured Integrative Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor.  I am an Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).  Accreditation is a quality standard and a mark of a certain level of experience  - please find out more about accredited practitioners here

In order to maintain my work to a high standard I receive regular professional supervision to ensure safe and ethical practice.  I am qualified with a Level 5 Science Degree in Humanistic Counselling (FdSc) from a BACP Accredited course via the University of Greenwich. I have also completed a Level 7 Post-Graduate Certificate in Addictions Psychology (Distinction) from London South Bank University, as well as a Foundation Certificate in Group Analytical Theory and Practice and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Relational Supervision.

In order to ensure ethical practice when working online, I completed 80 hours of CPD study in Online Counselling which is an ACTO accredited course. This means I am trained to offer online therapy. I offer online sessions via Zoom or phone for clients who prefer this method of therapy. 

I work with adults 18 +.  I gained a wealth of experience in the past,  working for the NHS as a Talking Therapies Counsellor, specialising in Depression.   Other previous counselling experience includes a general counselling service working long term with adults, working with the 16 -19 age group at a large Hampshire based 6th Form College and working for a local Devon charity specialising in bereavement, trauma, loss and life transitions.  

Before training to be a Counsellor, I worked extensively in the domestic abuse field for a charity and statutory agency, supporting high risk victims of domestic abuse both in the community and in a women's refuge. I have also worked at a 12 Step residential addictions clinic as a Programme Assistant.

I am a certified Freedom Programme facilitator and am trained to deliver The Freedom Programme both with groups and individually.​ Please see the separate tab at the top of this page for more information on the Freedom Programme.

I know it's hard finding the right counsellor for you … there are many people out there and we are all different so how should you choose?


The main thing is finding someone you will be comfortable to talk to, someone who is non judgemental and accepting of you. Perhaps I am that person?

I understand that coming to counselling for the first time can feel different and out of the ordinary but that is why I believe it works – just having the chance to talk to someone who is specially trained to hear what you need to say, who isn’t emotionally involved in your life and who can support you in that process can be very healing and freeing in itself, so please take some time to explore my website.

I am based in Lyme Regis and I work either face to face or online.

Counselling: About
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How are you feeling?

  • ​Are you feeling alone, isolated and struggling to cope with problems?

  • Is your life changing and you are wondering what’s happening?​

  • Maybe you want the change but still it’s hard or maybe life has presented you with a change of circumstance and you are having trouble accepting it? ​

  • Perhaps you are bereaved or going through a divorce or relationship breakdown? ​

  • Perhaps you are having trouble at work or within the family or perhaps you feel confused, stuck, bored or lonely? ​

  • Perhaps you are recovering from, suffering or have suffered abuse?​​

  • Perhaps you are anxious and/or depressed and struggling to cope?

  • Perhaps you are noticing that alcohol is having a negative impact on your life and you would like some safe space to explore that feeling?

Typical issues I work with are as follows, however, this list is not exhaustive and because everyone is different and situations are unique, please feel free to discuss with me what is troubling you:-


Abuse (domestic, sexual, emotional, psychological)

Addictions   Feelings of


Affairs         Ageing

Anxiety       Bereavement

Boarding school survivors

Bullying      Change

Choices      Depression

Divorce  Separation

Relationship breakdowns

Eating difficulties

Exam pressure/study pressure

Family issues    Fear of intimacy


Loss        Low confidence/low self-esteem

Menopause   Men's issues

Midlife problems


Post natal depression/baby blues

Problems with children

Problem drinking

Procrastination/decision making

Pre-Trial Therapy (trained by the Survivors' Trust)

Rape - male and female

Redundancy and job change/loss

Relationships    Retirement 

Sexuality           Shame

Stress      Student Counsellors

Trauma Women’s issues   

Work problems

Please click on the link below to find out more. 

Counselling: About Me
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I don’t want to confuse matters with lots of counselling jargon because I believe what I offer is simple – I am a real and down to earth professional with life experience, who works honestly, safely and compassionately with my clients.  I trained as a Counsellor because I genuinely care about the well-being of people and I want to understand your world and how it feels to be you, so that together we can start to explore what might be troubling you, slowly and gently and at your pace.  I take professionalism, ethics and your emotional safety very seriously and, as part of my commitment to my profession and my on-going BACP membership, I take part in regular Supervision and continuous professional development.

I am an Integrative Counsellor, working primarily with Person-Centred, Existential and Gestalt theories and philosophies, as well as being informed by Cognitive (CBT and Motivational Interviewing) and Psycho-dynamic theories.  I work phenomenologically - which means I seek to understand my client’s world, from their perspective.  I believe that as human beings we have the wonderful ability to grow and change but sometimes we can feel stuck. I believe that our real selves can get a bit lost as we go through life and, in uncovering how we really feel and what our values and beliefs are, we can move forward with choices and changes that are right for us.  I work in the “here and now” - that means how you feel as we work together in the room.  I am also very interested in how the past affects relationships and ways of being today – what I think of as “relational memories”.  As we get to know one another, at your pace, in a safe, trusting and non-judgemental therapeutic relationship, we will also begin to notice patterns and ways in which you relate to yourself and others, to help you gain insight and awareness.


Counselling is not about me giving you advice or telling you what to do – you are the expert in your life because you have lived it and are living it but perhaps you want to live it a little differently from now on, or come to terms with what has happened so far?  Whatever it is, I am here to work with you to help you find what is best for you. Counselling is a bit like going on a journey and I will walk it with you to make sure you are safe and supported along the way.

Please call, text or email me for a confidential and no obligation discussion to see if we could work together.  I really look forward to hearing from you.

Counselling: About Me
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